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Barrettine PeelAway is the professional choice for the safe removal of Hazardous lead based paint. Predominately used in the 1970’s. The safe removal of lead based coatings has become a primary concern to contractors and end users. Barrettine PeelAway removes the concern but also up to 32 layers of paint per treatment.  PeelAway 1 contains caustic elements meaning it must be carefully applied. PeelAway 7 is a water based low odour paint stripper. Click on the link below to see how to use PeelAway 1 & 7

How to use Peelaway

PeelAway 1 & 7 sample packs are available to find the best system suitable. We also supply PEELAWAY MARINE ANTIFOULING REMOVER.

Peelaway Product Brochure

Barrettine Peelaway

Barrettine PeelAway 1

From: £43.61

Barrettine Peelaway

Peelaway 1 Neutraliser 1L

£9.32 exc VAT | £11.18 inc VAT

Barrettine Peelaway

Barrettine Peelaway Marine

From: £67.44
£13.00 exc VAT | £15.60 inc VAT
£8.86 exc VAT | £10.63 inc VAT
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