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If you require Antifouling Boat Paint, we have the solution for you! Now more than ever there is a need for fuel-saving. Provide a clean looking hull for our healthy waterways. Antifouling Boat Paint is applied to the ship’s hull to slow the marine growth on the underwater area. This can affect the vessels performance and durability. In addition to preventing marine growth, the hull coating can also act as a barrier against hull corrosion that will degrade and weaken the metal. It improves the flow of water passing the hull, enabling more efficient journey times. Immediately improve the appearance of your boat or vessel. The coating will also return a yield on the investment!

Antifouling Paint

Teamac Antifouling A Plus

From: £20.11

Antifouling Paint

Teamac Antifouling D Plus

From: £35.13
From: £28.41
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